Secure bitcoin exchange

Quickly and securely exchange your bitcoins to Euros, US dollars and other currencies with low fee schedule. Deposit and withdraw to the credit card instantly, or use your bank account to minimize fees.


Why choose Bitlish?

Fast start

Try it with instant registration. You can deposit and withdraw up to 100 BTC per month. Nice, simple but powerful user interface for bitcoin enthusiasts.

Low or zero fees

0% Maker fee: we charge no trade fee for your own orders put into the orderbook. Market and instant trades with low fee. Deposit and withdrawals with industry competitive fees.

User security

Protect your account with different multi-factor authentication methods. Choose from: SMS, email, Authy, U2F hardware tokens. All passwords are salted and encrypted. User account fraud monitoring is 24/7.

Prompt support

All support tickets are resolved in the timely manner. Almost instant user verification.

Powerful API

Simple HTTP and low-latency WebSocket API with events. Full platform functionality is available: you can trade, deposit and withdraw funds, receive events on orderbook changes, matches and payments - totally automated.


Instantly deposit and withdraw funds with vouchers. Transfer money to other users via vouchers without any fee. Create and redeem vouchers automatically via API.

Legal and privacy

We are UK-registered company. Platform operates under strict anti-money laundering, fraud prevention and privacy policies compliant with laws of Europe Union.

Reliable platform

Cold Storage for coins safety, SSL secure connection, PCI DSS certified bank card processor, distributed system architecture for maximum reliability, DDoS protection.