Run your own bitcoin ATM

We help terminal (ATM and kiosks) and e-wallet (pay services) business owners earn on selling crypto currencies. And common people who wants to too.


We offer several options. Which one fits you?

I don't have any terminals. I want to buy a bitcoin terminal and start earning.

We offer several types of ready-made crypto currency terminals. We deliver them to any country, set-up, instruct, and support. Send us a request for prices, specification, contract, your commission, special rates.


I have my own terminals. And I want start selling crypto currencies through them.

There are two options here: — Set-up our software on them. — Integrate your software with our service through API. Send us a request to find out if your terminals compatible with our software, get API access, contract details, discuss your rates, terms and conditions.


I run a payment service or e-wallet. I want to let my customers buy, pay and send crypto currencies.

In this case you have to develop your software. We will consult your software engineers on integration and provide technical support for free. To get an access to our API and discuss our terms and conditions, send us a request.


I do not have no terminals, nor software developers, but I have customers who want to buy crypto currency from me.

In case like you we provide a so called 'vrtual bitcoin ATM'. It is a special software that allows you to sell any crypto currency we offer and earn on that. To get an access to the virtual bitcoin ATM, find out rates and conditions, send us a request.


How much a partner earns?

The commission rate is set by you. Please note, that an average commission on crypto currencies operations in US and European Union is 5-7%. Partner expenditures depend on exchange rate type: it is 1% on for a fixed change rate, and 0,5% for a market course rate.

Why Bitlish integration is lucrative for terminal networks and e-wallet runners?

10 times higher

is an average cheque for crypto currency transactions, than a conventional payment through kiosks. Demand for crypto currency is growing, but there is not enough crypto terminals on the market. It is you who define your commission rate on your bitcoin ATM. We provide you a possibility to operate not just one, but several popular crypto currencies: bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, zcash, dash, monero. The list is constantly extending.

5 days

takes the integration process


we provide direct support for your customers. We make payouts in any crypto or fiat currency to a bank account or card, to any jurisdiction.

Control your terminals? Easy!

For all who buy our bitcoin terminals we provide a special software with which you can in real time monitor: – terminal status; – cash amount; – all transactions; – your profit.