Bitlish cryptocurrency exchange
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Pioneers
    We started bitcoin trading operations back in 2011, the very dawn of the cryptocurrency era.
  • Incorporated in 2015
    We set up a company to build trustworthy relationships with customers and provide our services officially on the B2B market.
  • Registered in the United Kingdom
    UK is a well established economy, and London, a global financial capital, is a place of our headquarters.
  • Rates and Trading Data Provider
    Our trade statistics provided to the InterContinentalExchange (the owner company of the New York Stock Exchange that distributes it.
  • Transparent
    We obtained our LEI from the London Stock Exchange to be more transparent to global financial regulators.
  • Global Top10 Secure
    We are one of the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges in the world as per independent evaluation by the CER cyber security score.
  • High Ranks
    We are one of the biggest cryptocurrency marketplace in the world according to independent ratings like Coinmarketcap and have good marks from Cryptocompare.
  • Many Assets
    We have many different crypto assets listed from classic cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to stable coins like Tether, to utility tokens like Helbiz.
  • Global Coverage
    We provide our services to customers globally except in the United States and FATF non-cooperative countries.
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  • Personal Data
    When you send us your personal data, we keep and process it in full compliance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the United Kingdom Data Protection Act (2018). You can restrict the use of your data any time.
  • Fast Verification
    The onboarding process for individual customers is very easy. It usually takes just a few minutes from application to approval.
  • Segregated accounts
    All customer fiat funds moved to or from the exchange are kept in segregated accounts.
fiat currencies
payment options
Trade Crypto for Fiat
Unlike most crypto exchanges we provide trading crypto for fiat currencies, i.e. US dollar, Euro, Pound sterling, Japanese yen and Russian ruble.
Plenty of Payment Options
We support many payment systems, so you can pay for crypto assets with Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Discover, Diners club, bank transfers, and e-money. You can also withdraw your earnings in fiat absolutely legally to them.
Low Commissions
Our services offer very competitive fees.
  • 250 Orders Per User
    At Bitlish you are allowed to have up to 250 orders open at any given time. This is twice as much as the industry average.
  • Universal Fiat Conversion
    Tether USDT is traded for all fiat currencies supported at Bitlish. Being a stable coin this means that you can convert any fiat to other fiat via USDT with minimal expenses.
  • High Speed API
    We have a classic HTTP and robust high speed WebSocket API to integrate and deploy any trading strategy or build your service on.
  • Two order types
    There are two order types at Bitlish: market and limit, allowing one to buy assets at optimal prices on-the-go, or set up the limits and wait for execution.
  • Cold Storage
    The majority of our digital assets are stored offline in our proprietary cold wallets.

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Bitlish supports Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Discovery, Diners club, bank transfers and a variety of the most popular digital currencies.