Bitlish OTC desk

Bitlish OTC desk

Our OTC desk allows you to buy or sell big amounts of any cryptocurrencies in all pairs listed at Bitlish. All requests are processed through Bitlish accounts making all transactions safe and guaranteed.

A dedicated team of specialists will guide you through the onboarding process, advise on execution strategies, and deliver best-in-class client services and support.

Why use OTC?

You do not affect market prices, so you have better rates than if you would go and set up one or a few big orders.

You get your liquidity possibly faster than if you would trade on your own.

You are not restricted by the limits imposed by Bitlish for different account types.

You get your funds faster through one window.

You get the job done within an agreed period of time.

You get your assets for a preliminary agreed price.

You keep it all private.

Requirements for an OTC deal:

Volumes requested should be reasonably significant, for instance at least 10 BTC equivalent. Not sure? Request a deal anyway, we will advise.

Bitlish OTC always second settles. Initially your trades must be pre-funded, i.e. funds must be on your Bitlish account.

You need to have a verified personal or corporate account at Bitlish.

You need to have a bank account verified by Bitlish.


We reply to your email request and set up a chat on Skype, Telegram or Whatsapp.
There you may ask for live quotes.
If you agree with a price, you say "done" and we confirm with "done". If you disagree, "pass" to decline and ask for refresh when ready.
If done, we will send an email confirmation. You reply all with "done" along with your crypto address or bank wire information.
Once replied, we submit to the back office to initiate settlement. Completion of settlement may take 2-24 hours depending on the time of day trade is executed.


There are no discounts, we will always bid below and offer above the market.

There are no fees, prices quoted are all-in.